Branding & Website Design: Pembroke College Art Gallery


During my time at Pembroke College, Oxford, I was a trustee for the Pembroke College JCR Art Fund Collection, an art collection and gallery owned and run by the students of the college. Amongst many other roles, I took on the task of rebranding the gallery and creating its website ready for its very first opening to the public in 2015.


I created two versions of the logo, one an exploded version of the Pembroke crest and the other a more pared back design. These two interlinked designs gave the JCR Art Fund added flexibility, and the ability to emphasise their history or their new sleek gallery space depending on the context.

The website is very minimal in its design, as we wanted the focus to be on the collection and making it easy for visitors to find and book visits to the gallery.

Natalie Harney