Editorial Design: The Oxford Student

During my time as Creative Director at The Oxford Student, I was asked to create a four-page pull out guide to Oxford for incoming Freshers (first years) for the first edition of The Oxford Student of the new year. Overall, we wanted something that was fun, friendly, and attractive enough that people might want to put it on their walls. So, I went with a hand drawn style to give the pull-out some character and to reflect the idea that these were recommendations scribbled down by a friend. Famous alumni are featured in the central pages to remind students that even they were freshers once. They're drawn next to what I thought were their most first week appropriate quotes. The map on the last page featured some of the best places to visit in Oxford, and did actually end up on a lot of Freshers’ walls.

I also produced The Graduate Guide, a four page pull out which covers all things grads. The pull out was infographic focused featuring stats and unbiased reviews of graduate schemes. As graduate information is frequently sent out to students, and often done in quite a dry way, I went with an on trend geometric design in a bright pink colour scheme.

Natalie Harney